We live in a world that has more than enough options when it comes to keeping ourselves, those we love, and our most valued possessions safe. There are multiple insurance options and home security companies offering their home security equipment and services. But who do you choose? Do you hire a security company? What about the expenses? And when you are choosing home security equipment, what should you be looking for?

We at Vimtag offer home security equipment without contracts and believe that we are exceeding home security equipment standards. We offer a variety of home security solutions and are constantly researching, talking to our customers, and finding out how we can make our products even better. What to know why you should choose Vimtag? Here a few reasons why you can trust us.


First of all, our products are reliable. They have to, right? We think so. We have designed home security equipment that are backed by substantial warranties and will do exactly what they say they will do. We understand that when you buy our products, you are in essence trusting us with the safety of your child, your home, your pet, or your elderly loved one and we don’t take that responsibility lightly. When you purchase home security equipment, you are expecting for someone to have your back, and when you put your trust in our equipment, Vimtag most certainly does.


Another aspect of Vimtag’s home security equipment that sets our products apart is that it is compact. Sometimes, it seems that those who offer other home security solutions have made their systems more complicated than they need to be. We want to offer our customers products that are easy to install, setup, and use. One of the goals of our home security equipment is to make your life easier and to give you greater peace of mind and we do that through compact, yet effective home security equipment.

Sleek Design

We realize that the way in which home security equipment looks is not the most important aspect of home security, but at the same time we feel that it is still important. Clunky, unattractive equipment can put a damper on a room’s look and feel, and that is that last thing that we want to do: We want to offer home security solutions that enhance your life in all ways. Vimtag’s home security equipment is attractive looking, and will blend in with your space.


Simple to Use

As we mentioned previously, Vintage’s goal with all of our home security equipment is to give you something that enhances your quality of life, and being frustrated with technology is not a way to do that. That is why we have created easy to use equipment and apps so that you can use Vimtag’s home security solutions to their fullest potential, therefore allowing your to have greater peace of mind and more fully enjoy your actual life.


When you purchase Vimtag home security equipment, you’re not only purchasing something that is easy to use, but home security solutions that integrate easily into technology that you already have. We have created an app that allows you to use your home security equipment and system right from your phone, or you can use it from the browser of your computer. Say goodbye to carrying more devices and trying to remember one more thing on your way out the door.

Real Customer Service

Each piece of our home security equipment gives you access to our US based customer services. Our agents can easily and quickly give you the help you need to use your Vimtag home security equipment. We also always welcome feedback as to how your home security solutions are working for you. Though we hope that you would not have any problems with your Vimtag purchase, if you do we are here to help and make it right.

Vimtag is pleased to offer high-quality home security equipment and apps online! We have home security solutions for indoors, outdoors, and for specialty use. Use our products for a pet surveillance camera or a means to help an elderly loved one get help when they need it. Our products work well as nanny cameras for home and can be used as a means of communicating between business associates. Shop our home security equipment online today!

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