Vimtag offers home security solutions that simply put, make our world a better place and transform people’s lives. We believe that quality technology and effective home security solutions can do that, and we at Vimtag, strive to continue to make products that do just that. Our vision is to harness the powers that the digital age and the lifestyle that it provides to give our clients advantages and overall better quality of life.


We believe the beginning to peace of mind is knowledge, and peace of mind is everything. Having less stress in our lives positively affects us all physically, mentally, and emotionally. We experience greater mental space and energy to devote ourselves to those things that we are most passionate about and give greater focus to those who are the most important in our lives. Home security solutions that do as they are designed allow you to fully enjoy your vacation, to know that your child is safe with their caretaker, to interact with your pet during the day, and to help your elderly loved one know that they are never alone.


Vimtag believes that our high-quality home security solutions gives us the power to stay connected for greater success, as well as for sheer pleasure of it. Modern technology gives us many advantages, why not use these advantages to make our lives a little better and to give our business the opportunity it needs to be successful. Stay connected with your pet, child, elderly relative, and business associates through using our versatile and compact home security solutions.


Vimtag makes all of our home security solution products as advanced in ability, while making them even simpler for you to use. You are able to use our technology as it was intended: To make your life easier. This is why our systems are compact with few “moving parts.” We give you quality home security solution hardware as well as the apps to fully harness the power of that technology. We believe that something good isn’t usually complicated, so why should our technology be?


We are always looking to improve our products because even though we have created products that are leading the industry and exceeding home security solution standards, we know that the capabilities of this technology are always increasing. We want to stay ahead of the pack and provide our customers with the absolute best home security solutions. When we look to improve our products, we conduct research, and a lot of that research involves reaching out to our clients and finding out what they love about our products, as well as those capabilities that they wish were available. As look to give you a user experience that can not be found anywhere else. As we improve our products, we test them before and then put them. At Vimtag, we believe that anything less than the very best is not good enough.



Lastly, Vimtag strives to provide the best service to our customers. We not only want to give them quality home security solutions, but also to provide excellent customer service that is based in the US. Vimtag products are backed by warranties and when our products don’t hold up to your standards, then they don’t reach our standards either. We wish to make your life easier and really give you a greater sense of happiness and satisfaction in your life. As mentioned previously, we want to hear from you about what are home security solution products are doing well and how they could improve.

Vimtag’s Home Security Solution Products

So, what can Vimtag offer you? We have compact and sleek indoor and outdoor cameras,  security storage solutions, and multi-packs. We are also pleased to announce that we will soon offer a senior help button! We sell our products at competitive prices and they have versatile functions. Additionally, all of our products work seamlessly with our smartphone app.

Shop our products here now and start living a peaceful life! Not sure what you need or what? No problem! Contact us! We’d love to help you find the camera that will fit with your needs perfectly: No more and no less.

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