Home security is a must! Not only do you want to keep those people that you love and the things most valuable to you safe, but home security can be a means to decrease your homeowners insurance premium, adding dollars to your pocket every month. Increasing your home’s security can also give you peace of mind as well. Here are a few practical home security solutions that can help keep you safe and increase your home’s security effectively.

Think Like a Burglar

To truly improve your home’s security, you must also start thinking like a burglar. Though we are not proponents of becoming permanently paranoid, taking this perspective can give you insight into how susceptible your home is to a break-in and the security weaknesses that it has. Most burglars, look for a home that’s easy to break in and one that they can break into within 10 minutes. When you are inspecting your home, ask yourself first, “how am I advertising that I’m not home or that my home is a lucrative choice?” and secondly, “how would I break into my house?” Once you’ve begun to put yourself in the shoes of a burglar the closer your are to completely securing your home.

Don’t Advertise

As we mentioned above, do not advertise your home as a choice morsel for vandals and others. First of all, if you are going out of town, do not make a scene, meaning pack quietly and if possible in your garage. Unsavory characters that are looking for a place to rob can spot someone going out of town easily if you let them. Also, do not post about going or being out of town until your return. Be aware of the things you post online and who has access to it. Though your social media followers, are called “friends” that doesn’t mean that there isn’t one who would not jump at the chance to rob your home. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Keep Up Appearances

You should also think about how your home looks when you are gone. You can’t just stay home and guard your home, but you can certainly give the appearance that you are home. Pulling the curtains closed and turning on a light are great ways to deter those who may wish to break into your home. Not only do closed blinds not allow eyes to peer inside and see your expensive electronics or other valuables, but having a light will be enough of a deterrent even if there are not cars in the driveway to influence burglars to move on to another home.

Conclusion Part 1

These are just a few of the ways that you can keep your home secure. Home security can involve installing high-quality technology, as well as employing practical skills. Stay tuned for part 2 of our blog series to learn more about home security solutions that can keep your home and those that you care about safe.

Affordable Home Security Solutions

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