In our recent blog series, we have been discussing practical and inexpensive means for securing your home. Home security can include some needed investments in equipment, locking mechanisms, etcetera, but they can also include simply changing perspective and daily practices. In our last blogs, we’ve talked about the need to think like a burglar so we can understand the weaknesses of our homes, as well as the benefit of contacting a local locksmith and law enforcement for their professional opinion. Additionally we’ve talked about the need to lock all entrances, keep the illusion that you are home, and the need to know your neighbors.

Today we are going to discuss a few more ways home security cameras and equipment can help you feel and be safe.

Install Window Stops

We’ve already mentioned that windows should be locked, as well as your doors. To up your security even more, we suggest installing window stops. Window stops sit behind your window inhibiting it from siding open. Window stops can be anything from a piece of hardwood to a plastic or wooden dowel, or a mechanism found at some home improvement stores. When you lock your windows and install a window stop, you will have a nearly thief-proof window.

Install Safe

Installing a safe can be a great way to keep your valuables away from the hands of those that may have broken into your home. Though we hope after reading this blog series that you will have a home that is nearly thief-proof, if for some reason, an unsavory person makes it into your home, a safe can offer further protection from losing those things that mean the most to you. If you can’t afford to install a safe or invest in a heavy large one, hide your smaller safe.

No Spare Key

Though it seems like common practice to place a spare key under your mat or in the flower pot, this is not a recommended security measure. If a thief finds your key—which if you hide it in one of the common hiding spots—then they have an easy entrance into your home. Though it can be inconvenient not to have a spare key, causing you to call a locksmith, it is better than having to pick up the pieces after a break-in. If calling a locksmith isn’t an option, find a more secure way to have a spare key. Give one to your neighbor, keep a spare in your car, or another place that is around your home but not an easy option for a burglar to find.

Get a Dog

This is probably one of the favorite suggestions for home security. A dog, though they may be an initial investment, can be a means for alerting you or your neighbors that there may be someone in your home that should not be there. A dog, even a friendly one, will bark and “sound the alarm” alerting you of the intruder. A dog can also be a deterrent for home invaders, as well as a companion in times of trouble and daily life.

Home Security Camera

Vimtag offers affordable home security cameras, contract-free and easily integrated with technology that you already own. We offer indoor and outdoor home security equipment that can not only keep you safe, but also deter home invaders and catch them in the act.

We want to help you not only have a home that is safe, but one that gives you peace of mind. Vintage’s security cameras can also function as pet surveillance to stay in touch with your pet while away, a nanny camera to ensure your child’s safety, and as a means to help your elderly family member know that they are not alone. Visit our website to learn more about our products and how we can help you keep those things that mean the most to you safe.

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