Lately, we have been diving into the topic of home security. In our last several posts, we’ve talked about various practical means for securing your home. As we mentioned in our last post, it is within your power to do your part to protect your home. To learn more about the tips we’ve discussed in earlier blogs, read part one, two, and three. Though you can’t control the actions of others, here are a few easy ways to deter would-be vandals and burglars from your home.

Keep Up With Your Mail

We all get a lot of mail. For the majority of us, most of it is junk mail or coupon books that we most likely won’t use. Regardless of whether or not you enjoy your coupon books, be sure to consistently pick up your mail. An overstuffed or full mailbox can be the sign that a thief is looking for when choosing which house to break into. If you get a newspaper, be sure to pick those up as well. If you are going out of town, ask your neighbors or someone you trust to pick up your mail, newspapers, and deliveries.

Know Your Neighbors

Most of us these days seem to know fewer of our neighbors than our parents did in their neighborhoods years ago. Between our busy schedules, propensity to connect with others online instead of in person, and our heightened distrust of people has all be caused us to know our neighbors less. For the security of your home, knowing your neighbors is a must. Get to know those who live around you: You can all help watch the neighborhood for suspicious activity, keep a watchful eye on each other’s homes, and can be there for each other in case of an emergency.

Call The Police

If you see suspicious activity around your home or your neighbor’s home, call the police. Suspicious activity can be someone loitering outside a home, a moving van parked near a house that does not have a “for sale” sign, and a vehicle with an occupant who has been sitting in the neighborhood for a long time. Though we don’t want to be paranoid, a call to the police can guarantee that nothing is awry and if there is, the police will be there on the scene just in time.

Install Home Security Equipment

Though there are ways to up your security, one of the best ways to keep your home secure is to install home security equipment such as a security camera. A security camera can not only be a deterrent simply by being installed, and it can also catch criminals in the act. Installing a security camera inside and outside is the best means to keep your home safe.

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