In our last couple blogs, we’ve been talking about practical ways to keep your home safe, as well as high-quality home security equipment. Though you can’t control other people’s actions and the happenings of life in general, you do have the power to do your part and take the steps that you can to keep your home and those that you love safe. Before we get too far, let’s review some of what we talked about in our last couple blogs.

Review Part 1 & 2

Here are some basic practical tips for home security. To learn more, read part 1 and part 2 here!

  • Think Like a Burglar – Look at your home through the eyes of those you wish to protect your home from.
  • Don’t Advertise – Don’t let the general public and those on social media know that you will be gone from your home.
  • Keep Up Appearances – Close your blinds and keep your lights on so you return home to a lit house and, when away, it looks like someone is home.
  • Lock It Up – Keep all doors, windows, garage doors, and other entrances locked
  • Replace Broken Locks – Locks do little good unless they fully function.
  • Talk to a Professional – Talk to a trusted local locksmith and law enforcement to show you how to further secure your home.
  • Install a Reliable Security Camera –  A security camera can be a great way to deter criminals, lower your homeowners insurance, and know the next steps if a break-in should occur.

These are just a few practical ways to keep your home safe. Read on for more tips!

Trim the Bushes

One of the best ways to secure your home is to take away potential hiding spots around your home. Large bushes especially create the perfect place to hide and break-in into a home. Trim bushes away from your home—window sill height—lock your shed, and cover and lock accesses to your basement.

Install Outer Lighting

Having lighting that adequately illuminates the outside areas of your home can also be a simple means to deter criminals, whether they be vandals or burglars. Have sufficient light around all outer areas of your home that you can leave on or install motion sensitive lighting devices that will illuminate the area if there is an intruder. Do not just light your home, but also illuminate the area around cars, if you park them outside.


While we are on the topic of lighting, it is important to introduce the idea of automation. Home automation can be a great way to have lights on when you return home or when you are on vacation without wasting energy and significantly increasing your energy bill. Various automation systems are available to meet your needs and can also help you control your home’s climate or temperature, as well.

Home Security Equipment

Though some automation systems offer an alarm system with them, having other home security equipment, such as a security camera, is a must. Not only can it help you know exactly what is going on in your home, but if a break-in occurs you will have a greater chance catching the criminal and being reunited with those things stolen. Vimtag makes high-quality user-friendly home security equipment for the interior and exterior of your home. Our technology seamlessly integrates with your phone or computer and each camera we sell has an attractive sleek design. Learn more about protecting your home, installing a nanny camera, pet surveillance, senior help button and more on our website. Vimtag wants to help keep you safe and give you the peace of mind that you deserve.



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