In our last blog post, we began talking about practical means for improving the security of your home. Improving your home’s security can be easy and has many benefits: like the obvious of keeping you and your family safe, as well as avoiding the expense of repairing your home after a break-in and replacing those things stolen. Improving your home’s security can also put more money in your pocket in that your homeowners insurance premiums might decrease.

Review of Part 1

The key to improving your home security begins with thinking like those who would like to break into your home. By doing this, you may be better able to see the weaknesses in your home’s security. Another point we made in our last blog is to avoid advertising when you are away on vacation: pack, if you can in your garage and never post to social media about being gone before you leave or while you are gone. Also, when you are away from your home daily for work, errands, or a night out on the town, keep up the illusion that you are home by closing your blinds and keeping your lights on. We also began talking about our affordable home security solutions, but we will review those later.  Here are some other practical ways to keep your home safe.

Lock It All

This tip may seem like a no-brainer and a too obvious point to talk about in a blog post, but there are still those who don’t lock their doors or some may lock their doors, but may not lock their windows, auxiliary doors, balcony, or garage. Any opening is a possible entry point no matter whether it is a door, window, or other opening. To keep your home secure, lock your doors and lock any other openings into your home. As you inspect your home’s locks, be sure to check the condition of your locks, because if the locks aren’t fully functional then why even bother to lock them?

Replace Your Locks

Occasionally locks need some love and care such as oiling or cleaning. Sometimes they must be replaced or a door or window just needs to be rehung. If you have done the needed maintenance on your lock and taken the time to make sure the door or window is hanging correctly, then it might be time to consider replacing your locks. instead of replacing the entire locking mechanism, sometimes you can simply rekey the lock. Rekeying means that you have new keys for this particular lock without the expense of replacing the entire lock.

If you bought your home as a secondary owner, it can be beneficial to rekey or change your locks regardless of their function. Rekeying or replacing the locks guarantees that no one, including the previous owner or any person who happened upon one of your home’s keys will no longer have access to your home. Though traditional locks can keep your home secure, many are opting for electronic locks. Electronic locks are not just for businesses anymore. They can provide the opportunity to give whoever may need access to your home, such as your kids or a nanny, the access they need while allowing you to disable unneeded keys at any time.

Talk to a Professional

When considering the locks of your home and if they are functioning at their best, it is always a great idea to talk to a licensed and insured locksmith. They can not only give you the advice you need for your particular home, but when you work with a licensed locksmith you can rest assured that you are allowing a trusted professional into your home. Also, many local law enforcement can be available to inspect your home and can advise you as to areas of weakness that your home may have. Both professionals work in situations that require them to be aware of the latest technology and the means in which thieves in your area may be breaking into the homes in your area.

Conclusion of Part 2

Keeping your home secure involves a variety of home security solutions. Not only must you employ practical means, but you should also seek the professional insight of others. Making sure that your locks are functioning is one of the first steps for keeping your home safe.

Affordable Home Security

Vimtag is pleased to offer home security solutions that can help you keep those you love and the things that you value the most safe. We offer affordable home security including sleek, user-friendly, and reliable security cameras and systems. Depending on the model, our security cameras can be used both inside and outside and can function as modes for pet surveillance and nanny cameras. Vimtag wants to help you have the peace of mind that your deserve. Visit our website to learn more about our home security solutions! Having effective home security is just a click away!

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