In our culture, no one likes thinking about getting older. There are anti-aging creams, workout programs, and supplements all with the aim of prolonging your youth. Aging is scary, a bummer, but a part of life. Senior citizens face much; not only do they face the actual aging process, but they also face many other challenges. Today we will be discussing some of the top concerns that seniors face today.

Health Care Costs

Unfortunately, as we age, we need to visit the doctor more often and need more healthcare coverage. Costs can be overwhelming, especially with medication prices and the cost of living ever increasing. Maintaining a healthy retirement budget while trying to pay for all the costs that come with getting older can be overwhelming.


Getting older is scary, especially with the diseases that come with getting older like Alzheimer’s, dementia, cataracts, and loss of mobility. These common diseases and conditions can play an increasing bigger role in a person’s life as they age. It is a scare thought to consider how disease could impact your quality of life and alter your personality as you age.

Physical Aging

Physical aging in general can be concerning and frustrating. As we all age, no matter how old we currently are, it is disconcerting to see our abilities decrease, especially when it comes to daily activities and those that we need for taking care of ourselves. Also, it is difficult to see one’s youth and beauty disappear under wrinkles and other physical effects of aging.



Physical Assistance

Getting older makes daily tasks such as getting groceries, going to the doctor, and cleaning the house more difficult, giving us cause to not only feel frustrated, but also the need to rely on other people. Though home assistance can be helpful, it can be stressful including a stranger in your daily activities, being reliant on them and inviting them regularly into your home.

Financial Insecurity

Financial security is also a concern. As mentioned previously, it can be frustrating to function on a retirement income and try to keep up with the cost of living that continues to increase. As we age, we will not only have to deal the discomfort of aging, but also possibly not being able to afford the lifestyle that we once lived.

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