In our last blog, we began discussing some of the most common concerns that senior citizens face today. We discussed the frustration of dealing with health care costs, disease, general physical aging, the need for physical assistance, and financial insecurity. Getting older and seeing oneself lose one’s youth is hard, in addition to all the other concerns. Today, we want to highlight some of the other concerns facing senior citizens today.


Loneliness is a huge issue among senior citizens. Many seniors begin losing their friends; many of their friends pass on or can be lost to health conditions such as Alzheimer’s or those that keep their friends confined to a bed. Spending time with your elderly loved one is increasingly important as they age. Giving them a pet can also be a great way to help them combat their loneliness.

Financial Predators

Many who wish to make a quick buck will prey on senior citizens. Often, these predators will try to sell senior citizens unnecessary items or services and may fraudulently accuse them of defaulting on a loan and needing payment. Senior citizens must stay wary and possibly seek the financial advisement of a professional or loved one.

Abuse or Neglect

Elder abuse is a real thing and, due to busy schedules of loved ones or understaffed nursing homes or assisted living centers, seniors face neglect. When seeking assistance for your loved one, be sure to know all your options and do your research on local assistance programs.




As we age, it can be increasingly difficult to be mobile. Not only do many seniors have to give up their licenses due to poor eyesight or slow reflexes, but physically it becomes more difficult to move and maneuver stairs and other obstacles.

Changing Social Climate

The changing social climate and the integration of newer technology into our daily lives can be concerning for senior citizen. For elders, learning to use new technology and understanding current culture can be difficult.


It is difficult to age, not only due to physical ailments, but also the financial struggles that often occur, as well as the need to adapt to an ever changing world. Though we can not actually slow the process of aging, we can do our part to help our loved ones deal with those challenges though not only physically and, if we can financially assisting them, but also through providing them our love and our attention.

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