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Welcome back to Vimtag’s blog! In our last blog post, we switched our focus from elder monitoring systems and how to care for your loved to learning how to care for your furry friend. Most dogs are stay-at-home-dogs and many experience separation anxiety. There are a few ways to help your dog cope with being at home alone. In our last blog, we gave three tips for easing their anxiety:


A way to help your furry little friends adjust to you being gone for work is to slowly train them and show that no matter the length of time, you will return. Start by grabbing those things that you normally take with you to work and leave for just a few minutes. Continue to up the time you are gone and eventually your dog will learn that you aren’t abandoning them forever when you leave for work.


Even the lethargic dog may appreciate having something to do when they are left home alone. Giving them toys that are not only tasty, but that are also interactive will encourage your pooch to stay busy.  

A Pet Surveillance  

A one or two way camera can help not only give you peace of mind, but also comfort your pet as well. We at Vimtag feel it’s important for not only you to have peace of mind, but also your pet as well. Our security systems integrate seamlessly into your current technology and are contract-free! But more on that later!

Part 2 Tips & Solutions

Clean Water

There are a few ways to help your pup feel less anxious when you are away and one of them is by making sure they have clean water and fresh food. Some pets have a preference for clean water and won’t drink old stale water. Make sure that your pet not only stays hydrated but feels taken care of with a dispenser that will refill their bowl with fresh water and fresh food.

Comfy Bed

Just like us, dogs also prefer a comfy, snuggly bed to nap in. Whether your dog has full reign of the house or they have their own room or dog run, making sure they have a comfy spot to lay down and get some shut eye is a great way to help calm their anxiety and curb their tendency to destructively react, i.e. tear up your couch and redecorate your home.

Herbal Remedies

Sometimes, even some herbal supplements can do the trick and help your furry friend remain calm while you are away. Look for tonics sold by reputable dog suppliers that can help your pup sleep and relax. Dog owners have been using these types of remedies for centuries to help their dogs sleep better at night and able to better handle their separation anxiety.

We hope that this short blog series will help you know how to not only give your furry best friend a better quality of life, but also help you to live a little more stress free. Be sure to check out Vimtag’s high-quality home security solutions and pet surveillance cameras that can not only give your pet peace of mind, but also you as well.   

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