Most people don’t want to leave their dogs at home alone. Honestly, most of us would love to take our dog with us everywhere or at least take them to work with us. However, most workplaces and many occupations don’t allow and aren’t conducive to having our furry friends with us while we earn a living. If you can’t afford doggy day care or don’t like that idea, then you are perhaps left with no other options except leaving your dog at home.

Many homeowners feel guilty leaving their dog at home; they wonder if they are bad pet owners. Or they feel frustrated by the mess that they inevitably come home to after extra long days of leaving their pets alone. Perhaps you come home to a mess everyday. Regardless if you are a long time pet owner at your wits’ end or you just adopted your soul mate in puppy form, we would like to give you some solutions for helping your dog to have a pleasant time at home when you are away.

Ease Their Anxiety

First, you must understand that the predominant reason for your pet’s bad behavior when you are away is their separation anxiety. All dogs are sad when we leave. If you have ever left your pet at home, you have probably witnessed your dog staring mournfully out the window at you as you drive away. Though some pets eventually become used to their owners leaving, there are some that still struggle with this. Here are some ways to ease your pet’s anxiety.


Teaching your dog that you will come back after being away, can help ease their anxiety. To begin training, start by taking the items that you normally take with your to work or when you run errands and leave for a few minutes. Continue to do this and upping the time away. Helping your dog to understand that you will be back will help them when you leave for work each day. Also, instead of making your leaving a big deal, simply leave. If you make your leaving emotional, your dog may sense there is something to worry about.


Though many dogs enjoy napping all day, it is always a good idea to give them some toys to enjoy while you’re gone. The best kind of toys are those that are interactive and will keep their attention. However, chews and Kongs are still a great option. Examples of interactive toys include:

  • Toys within toys
  • Talking toys
  • Toys with recorded messages
  • Light up toys
  • Lick toys
  • IQ-testing toys

Pet Surveillance Camera

A pet surveillance camera can be a great option to keep an eye on your pet and provide them comfort that you are there. Vimtag offers a variety of pet surveillance cameras, both one way and two way! Keep an eye on your furry friend and calm them with your voice all day right from your computer or your smart phone! Our products are contract-free and integrate seamlessly into the technology that you already have. To learn more, visit our website!
Stay tuned for part 2 of our blog series to learn about more ways to keep your dog calm while you’re away!

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