Keeping that which we care the most about is something that we strive for and is our responsibility, but how do we do that and how do we deter burglars and other home invaders that would do harm to our home and property? The right home security solutions will differ from person to person, but here are some security measures that can help you.

Visible Window & Door Locks

Most people when faced with a decision of any kind, probably will choose the easiest option. The same is true for home invaders. Generally, most burglars and vandals look for easy break-ins and will move on to another home or business if it looks like extra effort will be needed to break into your home. Extra time and effort spent trying to break in means more of a chance of them getting caught. So, invest in visible high-quality, sturdy locks that can be seen from the outside and look the part.

Lock Your Doors

For some, this may seem like an obvious thing to do. Others who may have not grown up with locking doors and have never experienced a problem will see little need to lock their doors. Locking your doors and windows when you are away or asleep is paramount, but keeping everything locked up during the day is also important: Some home invaders aren’t deterred by your presence. If you like using your screen door and leaving your windows open during the day, invest in sturdy screen door and window locks.

Strong Door

A another home security solution against home invasions is a strong door. Invest in a front and back door that looks and is actually sturdy enough to withstand someone attempting to kick it in. Also, if your door has a window in it, make sure that your lock is far enough away that someone can’t break through the window and unlock your door. Install a secondary lock, farther down your door that is unreachable if the window is broken.

Get a Home Security Check

Though it’s easy to spot problem areas using common sense, it’s best to get your home or business checked by a professional locksmith or a local police officer. Because both work in the fields that deal with the home security solutions whether it be installing them or seeing where they went wrong, either may be able to spot problem areas in which may not have been apparent to you. Be sure to check both the inside and outside of your home. Some security issues to be aware of include

  • Bushes that have been allowed to grow large and untamed around your windows. Trim them away from your home.
  • Valuables that can be seen from windows. Invest in curtains and keep your valuables hidden
  • A dark home that makes it obvious that the owner is gone. Invest in home automation or a light timer.
  • Large piles of mail in your box or numerous newspapers unpicked up. Keep up with your mail and newspapers or hire someone to pick them up when you are gone.


Don’t Draw Attention to Yourself

Social media has allowed us to share our experiences with more people than ever before and to stay connected to people all over the world. Though it’s tempting to share your excitement about going out of town on your Facebook, Twitter, or other social media account, for the security of your home, it’s best to share your travel experience afterwards, when you are back home. Though we’d hope that our friends on social media wouldn’t think about wronging us, unfortunately too many individuals have come home after a vacation to a home stripped bare and destroyed simply because they posted about being gone on social media. Being careful what you post on Facebook and other social media can actually be a home security solution!

Install an Alarm

Alarms systems can be a great way to deter invaders. There are many alarm security options available for a variety of price points. You can get a basic alarm that simply sounds when it is tripped, to one that notifies the authorities that your home’s security has been compromised. If you decide to install an alarm system avoid posting alarm signs detailing what brand alarm system you have installed. These signs give vandals who wish to break into your home the information they need to disable your alarm system. If you choose to post alarm signs, post general alarm monitoring signs.

Motion-Activated Lights

Motion-activated lights are another worthy home security solution to invest in. Not only can they deter home invaders, but they can give you greater visibility when you want to check your home’s security or provide greater safety when you are outside your home at night. As you can surmise, a well-lit area is a huge deterrent to home invaders. Motion-activated lights work for you while you’re home and when you’re away.

Install Security Cameras

Those of us at Vimtag are huge proponents of this type of security solution and it’s not just that we sell high-quality security cameras. We believe that the best home security solution is being on the offensive instead of the defensive. Security cameras are not only a deterrent to home invaders, due to the fact that invaders are less likely to try to break into your home or business because they saw your video cameras, but also if they don’t see your security cameras and home security equipment, there is a greater probability for catching the perpetrators. Insurance companies can give you a discount on your premiums if you install home security solutions such as security cameras.

Ready to Protect Your Home?

We at Vimtag offer affordable and effective home security solutions that can greatly aid you in protecting what’s most important to you. We offer a variety of indoor and outdoor home security solutions that can deter vandals, as well as pet surveillance cameras, nanny cameras for home, and the means for monitoring your elderly loved ones. All of our products are incredibly effective while being user-friendly and easily integrated into our smart phone and computer apps. We also provide U.S. based customer service for those times you need help. We truly want you to get the most out of your home security solutions!

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