Do you have an elderly loved one who is still independent, but you worry may not be able to live on their own? You might be unsure what to do: you don’t want to take your loved one’s freedom completely away, but you know they do need assistance. Perhaps, an elderly monitoring system might be the solution.

There are many systems out there, but Vimtag makes one that is effective, easy to use, and will integrate easily with your life. Not only does our system allow you to be there for your loved one when they can’t find their medication, but if they fall or need emergency assistance, you can trust that you will know right away. Here are a few reasons to consider an elderly monitoring system.

24 Hour Monitoring

There are many care and assistance programs offered for your elderly loved one, but few offer 24-hour service without taking a big chunk from your paycheck. Though we understand that live-in assistance can sometimes be a must, our system allows you to have 24-hour access and provide 24-hour assistance without the cost of a live-in assistant when your loved one does not need it.

Emergency Assistance

As mentioned above, an elderly monitoring system, such as the one offered by Vimtag, can allow you to provide emergency assistance right from your phone. Though you may still need to call emergency services or travel to truly help your loved one, our senior help button and monitoring system can help your loved one know that they are not alone, that help is on the way, and give them peace of mind everyday, knowing that you are there for them.

Valuable Features

Our senior help button and assistance system can easily integrate into the technology that you already have and even right into your smart phone. Providing technology that is not only effective with all the features that you need, but also easily integrates into the technology that you already have, is important. Our senior help button and monitoring system allows for two-way voice functionality and provides a clear picture when you need to help your loved one in instances such as finding their medication or their slippers.



We offer all of this—high-quality camera and an effective senior help button—for an affordable price. Unlike some companies, we have decided to offer high quality products that don’t gouge our customers pocketbooks. We not only offer free shipping on U.S. orders, but 30 days money back returns. Our VimSOS Senior Help Button and our High Performance Wireless Sensors are both $29.99 with our cameras priced from $99.99 to $129.99. With every purchase, we offer U.S.-based customer service that can effectively help you with any question you may have.


You may have had a bad experience or heard that senior help buttons or elder monitoring systems are less than reliable. However, technology has made leaps and bounds worth of progress. And for Vimtag specifically, we accept nothing less than stellar, seamless performance from the products that we sell. We understand that the health and life of your loved one is on the line when you put your faith in our products, and we take that incredibly seriously.

Peace of Mind

When you use our elder monitoring system, it is our hope that you will have peace of mind not only from the reliability of our products, but also from their effectiveness. As mentioned earlier, all of our Vimtag products are manufactured with reliability in mind, providing cutting edge technology at an affordable price. We hope that, with the installation of our system, you can feel peace of mind knowing not only that you are not limiting your loved one, but allowing them to remain independent with the means for asking for assistance when needed.

Vimtag’s Elder Monitoring System

As we’ve indicated above, our system is highly integratable into the technology that you already have—your laptop, work computer, and smartphone. All you need is access to wifi and each aspect of the equipment functions together seamlessly. Our cameras are designed with a sleek, modern compact look that will fit easily into the home of your elderly loved one, and the help buttons can be attached to a lanyard, keychain, or other personal item easily. To purchase yours and learn more about the VimSOS Senior Help Button, visit our website!

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